Indoor Home Improvement   

- Finished Basements   



What is your family fun dream? A pool table or a ping pong table? Maybe video games of even a pinball machine? Or now about model trains or race cars? There can be a place for anything and everything in your basement family fun room.

  • Add value to a home with an finished basement
  • Create a family fun room
  • Commute 30 seconds to work. Your home office will give you the quiet you need to concentrate
  • Let the kids be kids. They will have fun with all their toys and games in their own playroom
  • Join your own private gym. You don't have to exercise in from of strangers. Listen to your music and watch your exercise videos while you work out in your private basement fitness center
  • Go to the movie at home. You don't have to get in the car and brave the crowds to see a movie on the big screen. No more sticky floors and expensive popcorn at crowded theaters. All of your movie will sound great in your own basement-theater.

- Finished Attics

If you're looking to add more value and versatility to your home, then consider converting your attic. Whether you want an additional bedroom, a new family room, a studio or just a quiet place to relax and read, an attic conversion can easily give you more usable, livable space. One of the most important decisions you will have to make about your conversion is whether or not you need (or want) to make structural changes to your home. If there is a low ceiling of a truss roof system, then you will most likely have to do some construction on your home. Other changes that you will need to think about include:

  • Where the staircase will go
  • Adding dormers, skylights and/or standard windows
  • Placement of electrical outlets and phone jacks

If your attic is not already finished, you will need to bring the space up to code. This can involve:

  • Framing the walls and ceiling
  • Hanging and finishing the drywall
  • Installing heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Plumbing (if you want a washroom or bathroom up there)

Finally, to make the space beautiful and inviting, you will need to do some finishing touches, like installing some hardwood floors of carpeting, painting or wall papering the walls and perhaps adding a door to give the space some extra privacy.

- Kitchen remodeling, redesign and new construction


The kitchen is the heart of the home. Having a kitchen that reflects your personality and needs is important to most people, especially those who enjoy cooing. If you're looking for ways to change, add to, or enhance your kitchen, whether your just shopping for new appliances or thinking of doing and entire remodeling job, SY Construction Inc. is a company to help.

- Bathroom remodeling


There are many reasons to consider a bathroom remodeling project. For each homeowner the reasons may vary. At SY Construction Inc. we offer a wealth of expert information and helpful tips developed through years of remodeling bathrooms. Remodeling a bathroom will increase the dollar value of your home, and this is one home improvement that will be a good investment. Aside from the pleasure your new bath will give you, if in the future you sell your home, having remodeled your bathroom will increase you home's value and it's selling appeal.

If you are thinking of remodeling your bathroom, consider adding elements of comfort and elegance. Transform your cold, dreary bath into your own personal sanctuary. While many home interiors are going more simple, bathrooms are getting the royal treatment. Elegance, softness, and sophistication are the keyword for bathroom decor.

In new construction, bathrooms are getting larger. Combined with dressing areas and walk-in closets, some bathroom areas are bigger than the adjoining bedrooms. Add to that oversized bathtubs, separate showers, gym equipment, and sauna rooms, a bathroom is becoming a destination place in homes.

In many remodels, homeowners are tearing down walls, eliminating small bedrooms, and creating giant bathrooms with special amenities such as telephones, televisions, lounging chairs, and a fireplace.